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St Mary's Building Fundraising update - July 2018

posted 18 Jul 2018, 08:51 by Simon Talbot   [ updated 18 Jul 2018, 08:52 ]

I am very pleased to be able to record that there has been excellent progress since

my first report at the end of March. DAC approval has been granted and

permission has been given to fell the Cypress tree in the Churchyard; so we are

only waiting for the Faculty document, which is due imminently. 

Local fundraising has been truly gratifying, with contributions coming from our own parish

and beyond. In addition to the charitable trusts that I mentioned in my first report

we have been blessed with generous donations from the Leonard Stoate and

Venezia Trusts, bringing the total to £11,000, which includes £4,000 payable when

work starts, scheduled for late November.

The second major development has been the submission of tenders, which after

some final negotiating on our behalf by Jonathan Rhind architects, resulted in a far

lower figure than any of us could have hoped for, reducing our total costings,

including contingencies, to £87,698 gross, £73,176 net. Since the end of March

our total funds raised, or promised, has risen from £21,572 to £35,782, so allowing

for the Listed Places of Worship (LPOW) scheme, which enables us to reclaim

VAT, means that we are approaching the 50% mark. Expenditure amounts to over

£9,300 on architect fees (incl. £1,868 VAT).

Our applications are in for grants from Allchurches Trust and Viridor Credits, the

latter having been supported by all of our elected representatives from our own

Parish, District and County Councillors and by our Constituency member Neil

Parish MP, as well as a particularly poignant letter from the Head of our Primary

School. All of their letters were emphasising that this appeal was not just for a

Grade 1 building, important though that is, but the value to the community, over

the centuries, of this ancient building at its heart, and its continuing role in the

daily life of Willand.

On behalf of the PCC, I am so grateful for all the donations that we have received,

and for the dedicated work being undertaken to raise funds for our cause, to save

our church for the decades ahead.

Rev Simon Talbot